clay (clayeer) wrote,

art: unfinished comic project about astronauts

this was something i started a while back an for various reason, lost all interest in finishing.

as an excersise, it was a lot of fun and this is pretty much the complete artwork for what was going to be the first part, so it felt silly to have it hang about my laptop and not post it.

it's a dialogue scene like those talky explainy bits in movies where the characters throw about a bunch of jargon and look smug and/or confused. needless to say the dialogue i had written was cliched and unfinished and made no sense without the context of the wider story, so i left it out. the guy is being briefed on a SPACE MISSION by the woman, and that's about it.

(for those that care, was supposed to be quinn, sam, kurt and brittany and santana as the bodyguards. but that does't really matter)

here they are IN SPACE.
it's a two man mission.
you know what that means.

Tags: fanart, this seems an appropriate icon, tv: glee, untitled astronaut comic project
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