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status : open

I’m going to be doing commissions for the summer since I have nothing else to do and could seriously do with some change in my pocket.

I generally work in pencil and ink with colouring done in Photoshop, or if you wanted, coloured in marker or watercolour. Also available is a fully digital piece done in Photoshop.


I’m willing to do art for just about any fandom I’m at least vaguely familiar with (or you're willing to explain to me), original characters, a scene from your fic, a portrait of you favourite aunt or you riding a unicorn. Anything really!




B+W picture of one (1) character: €30 (+€10 for each additional character)

Fully coloured picture of one (1) character: €50 (+€10 for each additional character)

Plus Background: €20

*If you want the piece sent to you (either line art or the finished piece, depending on how you want the colouring done) add the price of postage.

If you want something different (wallpaper, tattoo design, something specific) just let me know and we’ll work something out.

Comment with your email address and I’ll get back to you about what you’d like. Comments are a screened!


Tags: art, commissions
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